How to cut your study exercise time into half!

We all know it from our days in school. There were days we had to study crazy facts about biology and chemistry. Every week we were forced to learn some hard French vocabulary. Our parents always told us to learn and revise all facts and vocabulary just before going to bed. And they were very right with this.

Why DuckDuckGo is superior to Google when it comes to scientific research

goo-gle | verb

If you are reading this it is very likely that you are using Google as your main search engine. You don’t know the time zone of Indonesia? Google became literally a verb which describes searching something on the internet. Google is even in the official dictionary of Merriam-Webster:

The Real Highlight Isn’t the iPhone 7 itself

Photo: Apple Inc. 

Yesterday was the Apple Keynote Event – the world’s best-known press conference where Apple is announcing yearly their new products and software. Apple announced a new Apple Watch, which now is swim proof, and a new shiny iPhone 7 which was presented as the world’s best smartphone ever. Whether or not the new iPhone 7 is the world’s best smart phone or not Apple professionally talked around its most important new feature: the improved and most advanced security of Apple’s new operating system iOS 10.

How Every Hotel Should Check-In Their Guests

Last three weeks I was traveling through France. France is well-known for being a country which is very proud of their own beautiful language “French”. Indeed France even has a quota which regulates that radio stations need to play at least 35% of French music. With having this in your mind you can now imagine that it’s pretty hard to check into a French hotel without speaking that much French.