New Year Address

I love life every year


Today here he is again: December 31st. I love this day. For me, it is a spiritual day. We realize that our life is finite. Everyone realizes that yet another year has passed. A new year is not simply a new year. It is not only a number that changes in our calendar. A new year is all about personal change. It is a moment in life where we think about the changes we would like to see in our life. A moment where we dream and set goals.

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Refugee Entrepreneurs

Refugee Entrepreneurs: Why It Matters to Fight Unemployment and bolster Innovation

Refugees are seeking asylum in Europe in large numbers. They are dividing societies and politicians are raging without any facts about possible solutions to solve this crisis. Populism arises in every corner of Europe. People are afraid of the disorganized arrival of millions of migrants and refugees. One thing for sure: Europe needs to enable the integration of accepted refugees by offering high-quality language courses, education, and job training. But what most politicians are overseeing are the possibilities and chances of entrepreneurship.

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5 Books You Must Read To Get Started in Entrepreneurship

TOP 5 Books for you to Start into 2017

During the last year, I have been asked several times which book I may recommend for anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship, and investing. I created a list for your new year’s resolution which will give you a kick start and a mentality shift for the new year. These books are perfect for people who are annoyed of going to a boring job from 9 to 5 and for everyone who wants to achieve financial freedom and a real purpose in life.

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The Problem with Two-Factor Authentication via SMS

Are you using the services of Gmail, PayPal, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype? Are you actively using online banking? Then you have the chance to activate a security layer called two-factor authentication on top of your password to make your account more secure. Indeed most banks are using two-factor authentication by default for many years. If you want to authorize a transaction your bank will most likely send you an SMS containing a short PIN. This SMS-PIN is necessary to make any transactions in your account.

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Introduction to Bitcoin and the Blockchain

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You believe that you don’t have any use for the term “cryptocurrency”? Well, you probably have. Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization and popularity. Now you might say: Yeah, Bitcoin is the thing you use for buying drugs and weapons on the internet. But Bitcoin is much more than an anonymous way to pay digitally. You can see Bitcoin more as a technology which might substantially impact our future – in a pretty positive way.

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The Future Of Supermarkets

Waiting at the Check-Out? That’s all past now.

Amazon just introduced Amazon Go – a concept store in Seattle where Amazon employees (and soon customers) can buy groceries and snacks in a local store without the need to pay at a checkout desk. You simply walk into the store with your smartphone and your Amazon app and all items are added to your virtual cart automatically. As soon as you leave the store your Amazon account will be charged.

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Respect and Prosperity: Silicon Valley and Democracy

Entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley are shaping our future. They are building bold new technologies. These technologies range from artificial intelligence, robotics, infinite computing, ubiquitous broadband networks, nano-materials, synthetic biology, to augmented- and virtual reality. These technologies will allow us to make more progress within the next 100 years than ever before in mankind.

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How to cut your study exercise time into half!

We all know it from our days in school. There were days we had to study crazy facts about biology and chemistry. Every week we were forced to learn some hard French vocabulary. Our parents always told us to learn and revise all facts and vocabulary just before going to bed. And they were very right with this.

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PC’s are ripe for real innovation

Touch Bar & Touch Screen, that’s it?

The last two days were not that spectacular as I hoped they would be. Apple and Microsoft both introduced new hardware. Microsoft did a smart move by placing its product announcement exactly one day before Apple’s one.

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Cold Email: How to Raise your Response Rate

As part of my acquisition process, I send around 50 cold emails to selected hotel managers. Of those 50 cold emails, I got roughly 2 interested responses. Well, that’s a response rate of 4% and I didn’t really like this number. So I tried out a different approach to raising the response rate to my cold emails.

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