Can Gatekeepers harm Business Progress?

The day of an executive is limited and gatekeepers exist to filter out all the bullshit which comes in. However, can gatekeepers counterproductive for a business? How can leaders properly train their outer office staff to avoid the rejection of interesting and profitable partnerships, products, and opportunities?

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How You Can Use Sounds to Trigger Focussed Concentration

For me, the hardest thing about being productive are the first 15-minutes of starting. If I successfully worked for around 15-minutes at a given task, I will usually stay focused until the task is done. What helps me to get started during the first 15-minutes is music or sounds. In this short article, I will explain how I use music and sounds to trigger a focussed state of mind which is a requirement for deep work.

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Earn the Billions First – Why Money isn’t Bad but an Accelerator for Change

Money is a bad thing. Earning more than $75,000 a year does not make you happier. Rich people are evil. Money is not everything. Have you heard any of these statements before? I have heard it all – from my mother, teachers, professors, and lately many of my age joined this thinking.

However, let’s elaborate why money is neither bad but the most important factor for actually changing the world.

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Let’s Alternate our Working Hours and be Productive

Your 9-to-5 working hours originates from 19th century socialism as a way to protect factory workers from working over 100 hours a week. At that time, there was no maximum of working hours and employers demanded of workers to work more than 100 hours in hard labor factory jobs. This – by the way – included children work as well.

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Will AI make Advertising Redundant?

The total global advertising spending is forecasted to rise to $563 billion in 2019. It is such a big market that even the entire valuations of companies like Google and Facebook are based mainly on their core advertising business. How will this industry change in the upcoming years?

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Artificial Conversations – How AI might influence your life

One way you might have realized that supposedly artificial intelligence entered your life are these strange text suggestions in Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn. I’m talking about the tiny text bubbles which are suggesting you short replies for your conversation or email.

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The Hard Lesson I Learned about Contracts

Today in the afternoon, I have to deliver a witness report in a local court. The story is quite ridiculous and all the legal effort pretty unnecessary if I just had written a sales contract two-and-a-half years ago.

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