Abstracts from my iPad

It’s a new year and as a result I reflected upon the previous year to see what I can improve. Sure thing: I have way more things to express than I actually published here on my website. I have opinions on many topics and I consider many of them worth thinking about.

As I thought about what held me back from posting my thoughts more regularly on my blog, I quickly realized that it is partly my fixed mindset. Until now, I always thought that blogging must be done from a Mac or PC. I didn’t event consider blogging from my phone or my iPad as an option. But why? I realized that typing from my iPad, even without any keyboard, is at least as quick as typing with my MacBook. Sure, you’ll need some time to get used to the iPad keyboard, but when you have it’ll be as easy as typing from your Mac or PC. If typing in my iPad is as easy as typing on my Mac, why don’t I blog from anywhere I am? On the go or even in the bed? I decided to simply do it: blogging shorter abstracts entirely from my iPad.

My experiment will start today. I just divided my blog into two categories: abstracts and essays. Abstracts for short and brief posts on whatever may be on my mind, and essays for long and well researched articles I’ll still publish in the future. Why abstracts? I think abstracts are a great thing in today’s world, there are millions (or billions? I’m typing from my iPad so I’ll leave the fact check to you – but you know what I mean) of blogs online. Everyone is expressing his opinion on everything and by doing so, nearly every blogger uses too many words. I truly believe that we should express 1000 word articles in 200 words – if we can do so.

My experiment is beginning today: regular abstracts written and published from my iPad.

Small Things Do Count

Everyday we encounter things, small things. And I propose we generously underestimate the importance of those small things. We encounter those small things in our daily life: while commuting, at work, or at a dinner date at night. And here comes the big surprise: usually the small things are what actually make the moment great, the experience unique, and your life great.

Goals, Principles, and why you must walk away sometimes

There are times in your life when you must act on your self-set principles, or you will perish in your self-made meaninglessness. In the next paragraphs, you will learn why I think that taking some time for yourself (something I call me-time) and regular positive affirmations of your goals and your principles are essential guideposts in our lives.

Quit or be Exceptional – Average is for Losers

“Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers.”

This quote is taken from Seth Godin’s book “The Dip” gave me the chills when I read it. The question Seth Godin answers in his book is: what makes some few organizations, teams, and individuals so successful while others vanish in mediocrity?

What would happen if all mergers and acquisitions were illegal?

It is a hypothetical question: what impacts would it have if businesses were not allowed to merge with or buy other businesses – including competitors? Do you think this would rather have a positive effect on the worldwide economy and wellbeing or do you think this would have adverse effects – if so which?

The Problem with Free News and Paywalls

In a digital era, it seems to be a matter of course that news is free. Thousands of free email newsletters, the newsfeeds of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accustomed us to free and instantly available news sources. Over many years people were able to access the web articles of nearly every major news publication for free, and it became a habit for people.