Hallo, I am

Marius Schober.

My name is Marius Schober. I am a citizen of planet earth and currently based in Willich. Every now and then I will publish brief articles and longer essays about topics I am interested in: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Psychology, Economics, Technology, Politics, and maybe some philosophical posts too.

Interested in what I’m doing right now? Head here.

About me

Every morning I’m happy to get up to collaborate with smart, talented, and passionate people to work towards a vision of a fairer humanity we can be proud of.

I love to work super hard on finding great deals and opportunities, execute on them, and close them. In every deal and every aspect of my life, I pay precise attention to the three premises of legality, morale, and ethics. I’m out if there is one premise which is not fulfilled. On top, I always try my best to add a fourth element to the deal: social responsibility. I believe that any business must be centered on a culture of meaning and passion, purpose, and maintaining a sense of social responsibility are key elements of it.

All deals, projects, and ventures I work on will always lead to a triple win situation (win-win-win situation) – which means that not only both parties involved but also the society or community affected is better off afterward.

How can I help you?

  • Building true communities in companies and coworking spaces.
  • Driving on crucial business contacts and leads to your company.
  • Drastically reduce shipping costs from Asia to the EU and U.S.
  • Finding attractive investment opportunities for private investors in the European market.
  • Understanding the technology of the future (AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Neuroscience)
  • Using behavioral psychology to market your products.
  • Finding super attractive M&A investment opportunities.
  • Assisting and closing M&A transactions on the German market.
  • Finding value stocks in a crowded greedy market.
  • Assisting with the integration process in Germany (Insurance, Aufenthaltsgenehmigung, and co)
  • Liaising with business opportunities in China.

I’m even more a great conversationalist! I’d love to connect with you, and I hope we can discuss how we can improve our planet, any promising joint-ventures or collaborations over a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Connect with me on LinkedIn and XING and let’s meet!