Adidas Featuring BVG: Marketing par Excellence

Adidas Featuring BVG: Marketing par Excellence
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In today’s crowded world, every brand advertises. Some run kinda dull ad-campaigns while other brands come up with more creative ads.

When you think about a few ads you remember from last year you will probably not come up with more than a few. A few great internet and TV ads I remember in Germany were from EDEKA and Check24. While these are the exception to the rule, 99% of the rest suck.

Today I was lucky to find a very creative ad campaign from Adidas and the Berlin public transport company BVG. They designed a joint sneaker – the EQT-Support 93/Berlin. However, the sneaker is limited to 500 pieces only which makes it a collectible for sneaker lovers. Furthermore, and this is the marketing coup, the shoe tongue is a ticket for the BVG. This means if you wear the sneaker between 16th January and the 31st December 2018 your sneaker is your ticket for the public transport in Berlin. One year of public transport including super nice limited Adidas sneakers for only 180€ – what a deal!

For Berliner’s who are interested, the shoe will be available int he following two stores (click here to read more details):
– Overkill Berlin (Kreuzberg, Köpenicker Str. 195a)
– Originals Flagship Store (Berlin Mitte, Münzstraße 13-15)

And the best about it: The sneaker looks excellent!

Adidas BVG Jahresticket
© @overkillshop / Overkill

While this will not create immediate profits which you can measure with your favorite KPIs, I think this is a great way to cherish your brand. I think it’s a funny win-win situation for all: a marketing coup for BVG and Adidas and a super nice sneaker for sneaker lovers. How do you like the EQT-Support 93/Berlin? Leave a comment below!

Copyright of both pictures: © @overkillshop / Overkill

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