How to Listen to YouTube On The Go or Offline

How to Listen to YouTube On The Go or Offline
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If you are like me, then you use YouTube to watch all different kind of interesting talks, speeches, and documentaries about every possible topic you are interested in. Now and then I listen to motivational videos during my workout. I also use YouTube to listen to background music – whether it is for focused work, reading, or meditation.

The problem with YouTube is that you cannot play the audio of the music in the background. However, when I’m in the gym or when I’m learning or reading I seldom want to watch the video. I only want to listen to the audio of the video. However, this is not possible without having the YouTube app open all the time.

4 Ways To Listen to YouTube

If you use the Amazon or Google ecosystem or the Telegram messenger here are four ways how I access my favorite talks, speeches, and background tracks without using YouTube.

Download the Video as an M4A Track

1. Select the video you want to listen to on the go or with your Echo
2. Copy the URL and go to or any other YouTube converter.
3. Insert the URL and download the video as an M4A file.

Amazon Music & Amazon Echo

To play the track on your Amazon Echo or in your Amazon Music app while you are on the go, follow the next steps:
1. Create a new playlist for your files – for example, Motivational Talks
2. Upload the M4A track by using the Amazon Music app for Mac or Windows.
3. Now you can play your YouTube audio files either with Alexa or with the Amazon Music app on your smartphone.

! NOTE: Amazon apparently discontinues the music upload service. Only if you decide to pay around $25 per year, you will still be able to upload your music to the Amazon cloud.

Telegram Messenger

Directly send the M4A audio file as a message to yourself – now called “Saved Messages.” Now you can use the tremendous audio player of Telegram to listen to your tracks on the go.

GooglePlay Music

As Amazon discontinues the music upload functionality, you can use GooglePlay Music to upload up to 100,000 tracks.
To do so, you merely need to visit the GooglePlay Music web player and click on “Upload Music” on the sidebar. Now you can play your favorite tracks on the go or with your Google Home devices.

Music Upload Button

Audiobook App

If you don’t like to upload your music to the cloud, can you transfer your M4A file to your smartphone and then use an audiobook player like Voice to listen to your tracks and speeches on the go. The advantage of audiobook player over your standard MP3 player is that Voice remembers where you stopped listening.

I use all four ways to listen to exciting YouTube videos in the car, in the gym, or even while cooking. It’s a pity that YouTube does not offer a background play mode in their app – at least not in most parts of the world.

I hope this was helpful for you and have fun listening to interesting content on the go!

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

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