Tools of the Titans – A Critical Review

Tools of the Titans – A Critical Review
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Already a few weeks ago I finished Tim Ferris’ latest book which is called “Tools of the Titans”. Now that I have finished the book I am highly surprised by the extremely positive feedback it has on Goodreads and Amazon. That’s why I decided to order it and see if there are really so many life changing tips and tricks in it.

But after finishing the book I must admit that all the extremely positive ratings are somehow biased by some hippies and wannabes who simply agree with everything Tim Ferris does.

I don’t think this is the worst book I ever read. Why? Because he summarized some of his interviews with people I really respect in a really good way and I really learned some points out of it. But most of the book (literally 90%) is in my opinion rubbish. The remaining review will tell you in short why.

First Reason: The Structure

This book is in my opinion very badly structured. It’s a messy collection of interview notes and I didn’t have the feeling that Tim Ferris was really excited to put those notes into a book format in a structured way. This book reads more like a messy collection of digitalised hand-written notes. Think about finding a 5-year-old notebook of yourself and reading these unstructured notes – this is how it feels like reading “Tools of the Titans”.

Second Reason: Biased Ads

You might also describe this book like reading some badly written blogs you can find for free on the internet. I am talking about this kind of blogs which are biased because they are written to earn money with affiliate marketing. That’s how it feels like reading TOTT. Tim Ferris is describing many cross promotional products or startups he invested in.

Third Reason: Uninteresting Bullshit

Tim Ferris is describing some – for the majority of mankind – very uninteresting bullshit. Why? Tim Ferris describes more or less which tea he drinks and why it makes him more relaxed. How many degrees the water has to have so that the tea has the best effect on your body? Or how many minutes he plans to do this. How often he goes into the sauna and which temperature the sauna has to have. Blah, blah, blah…

Fourth Reason: Controversial and Dangerous Tips

Tim Ferris describes several times (too often) practices which I consider as unhealthy. There are some diets and workout plans Tim Ferris describes which I consider as extremely unhealthy and many studies agree with it. You definitely should not read this book without questioning the MAJORITY of the book. This is why I consider this book as dangerous.

If you are interested in the advice of some of the interviewees better watch some youtube interviews of them on YouTube. This book is not worth reading and if you do you absolutely need to question nearly everything critically.

I finished this book I am done with Tim Ferris. If you ask me, he is an overhyped hippie living in his fancy startup bubble in Silicon Valley drinking special tea at 84.321°C to boost his concentration. If you really look for the best advice of the best minds of this world you WILL NOT find it in this book.

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